Our Friday Excursion

Friday’s are errand day for me. I work 4, 10 hour days M-R and then I’m off on Fridays. It works for us though the hours really, really suck when you’re sitting at a desk for 10 hours. Anyway, JP goes to a local church preschool on Thursdays and Fridays for a half day so it’s just JL and I. It was time for his 18m appt so we had that at 930.

We dropped JL off at 745, dropped a deposit by the bank and then dropped off a hydraulic hose for Hunter. Then we drove 45m to A-town.

First, we went to Target since they opened the earliest. I had a rain check from Christmas for a Wilton cookie sheet (regularly $10 but it was $5). I found that and then went looking for Electrosal gelpacs. Last week’s paper had a billion coupons. A friend got me an AJC so I had double coupons. So, I had 3 coupons for 2.50 off. Target had a 20 pack with 5 bonus ones for 3.25 so I was able to get them for 0.75 each! I know Walgreens had a pretty good deal but I just don’t GET Walgreens quite yet. So, 8.14 I believe. Good deal.

Then we did the dr. JL is 75% for weight and height and 95% for head! lol. Got his flu booster and we’re moving again.

We head to Kroger. My $98 grocery trip only cost me $67 with tax! I’ve been reading iheartcvs, thrifymama blog, southernsavers blog and the hotcouponworld forums. It took me about an hour to get organized Thursday night. Anyway, I had bunch of coupons and then, after reading all about them on southern savers, I loaded up some of those e-coupons on my Kroger card to try; when they work, you can use a regular print coupon AND the e-coupons together at Kroger and most of mine appeared to work. I got a ton of food and a box of Pampers diapers! If you spent $25 on P&G items (certain ones), then you also got $5 off your order. The Pampers and a “womens” items did that for me. I also got a gallon of milk, a Colgate and a 4-pack of Cottonelle free. And since I did so well, they had their Christmas stuff clearanced out 75% (I missed Target’s clearance by 1 day–bah) so I skimmed it. And stumbled up on a 3 piece set of those Alpine trees (the kind of rustic looking ones typically with snow on them?) for $7.50! They were regularly $30! I also bought 2 cute snowflake plates for $1 each. I saved $29 on the groceries and $29 on the trees and plates! GREAT! Best savings I’ve ever had to be honest.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby and spend $20 on fabric. I should be able to get 1 or 2 purses out of the fabric I bought and 2 kid sized aprons. When we were putting together the easel last week, Jamey kept pointing to the box and saying he wanted one of those aprons the kids were wearing. Well, I found a pattern online so I’m going to try to make 2. :o) We’ll see how it goes. So, overall, it was a very successful shopping day!

We made it back in time to pick up JP by noon too!

Walmart last night wasn’t great but we were just out of “stuff.” We needed dog and cat food, Q-tips, juice and a few things that Kroger was just high on (salsa and tortilla shells). I also bought some scrap fabric, a 1.50 in a cheapie fabric for a curtain liner and the All You. $40! I hate Walmart. I just need cat and dog food and juice.

We still have to go to a jewelry store. Hunter lost his wedding ring. Sigh…we’re both hoping it turns up but in the mean time, we need a cheapie replacement but a comfort band if possible. He’s NOT not wearing a ring! lol

So, for the month, with my CVS trip and my one Dollar General desperation trip, we’re up to $110 for the month. Goal is $400 or less. We’ll see how it goes.

This is a good way to keep up with how I’m doing!


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