A recap as I’m way behind

Well, of course, I have failed again at keeping this journaling effort up to date. Such is life.

Summer has arrived…with a vengeance. It’s hot. Hotter than hot. And with a seemingly lack of rain though business does continue to come in. We’re being blessed and we know it. As for the rest, we bought one of those ugly, tacky, blue blowup-ish pools for the boys. And they love it. I do not, however, like the upkeep. But it’s fun to get in with them and “swim” in the 2 feet of water.

JP did a week’s worth of swimming classes. First day, he screamed his head off. Second day, not as bad but he cried. Third day, he still wanted me once he was in there but he did good. Fourth day, he did great! He knows to kick his legs and to close his mouth when he goes under now! And he isn’t petrified of the pool! It was the best $70 we ever spent. I feel like I could do it with JL but the structure of swimming classes seems to work for us. So, next year, we’ll plan for 2 weeks of classes for both boys.

We have planned a family vacation! I’m an SO excited. We’re going to Garden City Beach and we have a house for 7 nights! It’s a long vacation but we have earned it. My parents are coming and my brother and his kids may come too. I’m really looking forward to just being away from here and work. We need a break. It should be alot less crowded. We’re going up for Labor Day when others will be back in school. The weekend might be a little crowded but the next week should be nice I think.

Let’s see. JL TURNED ONE! I’ll do a separate post on my look back at his 1st year. His party went over well. We had a barnyard theme and it was the most adorable invite ever. I ordered from scraplesspress.com and I highly recommend them. About 30 people were there and that was plenty! A* and I made the cake…we did cheat with a plastic barn but our barn just wasn’t working out and she came over late so we didnt‘ have a lot of time. It was cute though.

JL is just growing up. He gave his brother a black eye last night! Swinging the stupid thing that you slide stars down on and it lights up. It was sad for JP who experienced his first humbling but it was funny too. We’ve been warning JP all this time that it was coming and he just wouldn’t listen to us. He did enjoy seeing his baby brother being put in “timeout”….aka the booster seat. For everyone’s sanity.:o)

It’s been busy. Our garden is finally coming in and I’ve started putting stuff up in the freezer and will can soon. I have picked about a gallon of blackberries and sliced up about 2 gallons of peaches. They will be yummy in the winter in a cobbler! Pears will be in soon and I’m going to do some pear preserves and pear butter for Christmas baskets I think. I’m really wanting to do spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce again though if I could ever get more tomatoes. Daddy keeps selling out. It’s funny. More and more people are buying local produce now. The economy continues to look more and more sketchy and you can really see people looking at how they’ve been living and spending the past 10 years. Ourselves included. We’re working hard to pay things off and we’ve been cutting back since last fall and saving more. I’m proud of us.

I’ll do a JL post today.


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