Well, I survived a week in camp with 160 15-18 year old teenagers. Let me tell you, I was grateful to be home! We got home late last night so today is my first day back with the boys and JL is clingy and whiny…as can be expected. The house isn’t a complete wreck which is good since all next week we’ll be cleaning and setting up for JL’s first birthday party. I’ve got so much to do, it’s not funny. Sunday is Father’s Day but I’m done shopping. I just have to take some pictures and put it all together.

I didn’t miss work a lick. As expected. I just dread going back all the more. JL is smiling and singing to me right now so I’m going to run but I did want to post that JL is officially walking!!! He took off this week while I was gone. I saw his first steps and his teetering on the edge but he’s doing it some now! I’m so proud of my baby. Growing up too fast….sniff.


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