Overall progress

I’m going to start with a few boys’ updates. JL refuses to walk. He’s taken his first steps but he just knows that he won’t fall crawling so he crawls! Lazy little bum. He’s also very addicted to his bottle which concerns me as he’s nearing a year and still isn’t a fan of the sippy. I can’t wait to get rid of the awful and expensive Nutramigen but seriously, how’s he going to drink??? He’s learned “na” which I belive means “no” (fantastic) and “mah” (i.e. mine—even better). He’s not trying his bro’s name yet which surprises me. I yell it so much, I thought for sure it’d be the next one! JP is doing great. Running, playing, getting more and more verbal every single day. He’s a parrot! I did catch him this morning with his brother’s pacy in his mouth laying in the bed…little stinker. I heard him get up and run across the room but then I heard him go back so I figured he just went back to sleep. I went to get him up and he was laying there, sucking on that pacy! He’s 2.5 so I KNOW he hasn’t had one since just after his second birthday. I took it the December after he turned 2. So, I know he knew what he was doing and just did it anyway. Makes me wonder how often he’s done that before. Maybe I don’t want to know.

We’ve been working hard at finishing up projects. We find that pressure works best. :o) JL’s first birthday is coming up in 3 weeks (there’s the pressure part; people are coming over) so we have a list of things to do. On top of the minor things that like to pop up on us like having to buy a new thermostat for downstairs last weekend. At least I finally got my programmable one I guess.

The yard and garden has been a huge priority for us. The garden more for me. I really want this to work. Almost everything is in with exception to a couple of stray herbs that are going in today and some sweet potatoes that will go in tonight. It’s my first garden folks…first one. And I am so excited. At least some of all of our seeds have come up! Green beans, corn, 2 types of pumpkins (my experiment—sugar and jack-o-lantern pumpkins), and gourds. I’m quite pleased with myself as I planted everything but the corn. That’s DH’s gig. I’m concerned that our soil is crappy since 3 months ago it was woods but we’re trying. I’m going to fertilize tonight and we’re watering every other day since our well is scaring the crap out of me. I’m petrified it’ll go dry and it’s like $900 to get a meter installed and then piping on top of that. We’re getting lots of sediment so I’m worried. Anyway, we also need to mulch but I can do that tonight I think. That’s the great thing about JL and JP right now. JP is all into playing outside and DH brought home some sand and he LOVES it. LOVES it. Goes straight to it. But, it’s where the pool is supposed to go so I don’t know what we’ll do about that. It was to level the pool….And JL will play on a blanket for hours outside. He’s such a good little boy and so pleasant, except when he’s unhappy. Mosquitoes are chasing us in and it was 97 here yesterday so that’s keeping us in too. But, weeding is coming along and we have a few other small things to plant (witch hazel and my Mother’s Day Bloom Again White Hydrangea are in). Overall—good shape.

DH is supposed to get the play set in, but I don’t think it’ll happen before the party on the 21st. So I have a different plan. Jess is bringing their smallish jumper (2-3 kids at a time) and we’ll set that up. I’m going to pick up cheap beach balls (we have a ton of other balls and outside toys) and I think I’m going to get a bubble machine. They’ll love that. We’re grilling burgers and hot dogs so that’ll keep the house cool. Baked beans and potato salad can be made on Friday (I’m off that day).

That leaves the cake…THE cake. It’s a farm theme so our cake is going to have a barn on it with a grass field and a fence made out of pretzel sticks! I’m nervous since there’s no back up plan but I think it can be done. I was using a homemade recipe but it would cost me a fortune since I need 4-5 cakes to make this thing so a friend told me how to really use a box mix. Way cheaper and easier! Mandy is coming on Saturday morning and we’ll get it together. Please. I’m really nervous about this!

Invites should arrive today and goody bags by tomorrow. I can get the invites mailed out before I leave—a much better solution than leaving them for DH to mail I assure you. I ordered cloth bags really cheap and I’m going to put everyone’s name on them with a paint pen. Easy enough. The banner I bought is also cloth and reusable. And I’m not buying a plastic table cloth this year. I have 2 from last time that we didn’t use but I’m going to get a vinyl one. I’m currently very “into” table cloths so Wmart has this red vinyl one with a bandanna border on it that goes great with this theme. And I like it and will reuse it. It’ll be a nice supplement to my 2 cloth ones I’ve made myself (I NEED A SEWING MACHINE).

All and all, it’s coming together. I leave Sunday for camp for work so I’ve been planning what I can. And buying a little at a time to not bust the budget. It’s the longest I’ll have been away from the boys (4 nights) and I while I am looking forward to going back to my old SGA campus because I love the area, I am dreading leaving them and it’s going to be hotter than 3 hells. But I come back Thursday evening and I took Friday off so I’ll have a 3 day weekend. Then I work 4 days and it’s my regular day off so that’s another 3 days weekend. I just don’t want to leave them!

And, I dread seeing what 3 males can do to a house in 4 nights/5 days…


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