Gardening Injury 1.0

Well, we really meant to get our first real garden in today. Yesterday he came home from lunch and 30 minutes later 7 more trees were gone from the yard b/c they were shading the garden area. We used to live in the woods but he’s slowly clearing it…what exactly was the point of 5 acres of woods if he was just going to cut them down I ask you? Anyway, that’s another day.

DH had to go help a buddy at his MILs this morning setting out plants and didn’t get home til noon. Needless to say, I was ticked. I couldn’t do a darn thing with the garden b/c the above mentioned trees were still there. So, I’d been yanking weeds for an hour while JP played and JL slept. He finally got home and moved the trees and I tilled. It was all going well. I’d gotten DH’s headphone ear muff things and was jamming along. I stopped and cut it off to ask him to get the loppers and cut off a few limbs from the beech tree. He said later, which ticked me off, and so I went back to the tiller muttering under my breath about what he could do with later. Then it happened. Instead of being covered in mosquito bites, ant bites, chiggers, scratching myself on okra or some other normal thing happening, I do this.

I reached to turn the nob before cranking the stupid machine and without thinking…..I…….laid my hand right on top of the muffler (apparent–DH says that’s what it is). Flesh fried and I jerked back. It didn’t hurt really for a few seconds but within a minute I was crying. And I sobbed for nearly an hour before I begged my friend’s NP mother to call me in something. JP told me he burned himself too and kept looking at me crying and saying “what’s wrong, mama? You hurt yourself? It’s OK mama.” (My boy CAN still be sweet when he chooses). JL thought I’d lost my mind and just smiled.

Hurt isn’t the word. And now the garden sits there…empty. I’m so mad at me with my hand all dressed in silver/sulphur something or other and huge white band aid thing. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And tomorrow is baby dedication and I get to stand up in front of 200-400 folks with this thing on my hand. Flowers are waiting for me. Doesn’t God know this? Guess he didn’t care for my plans for the day, did he? lol

At least DH had the sense to go out there a few minutes ago and finish tilling the stupid garden with the stupid tiller for me. And I guess it’s a bonus that the parents are coming to keep the boys so we can “go out” to eat. Alone. What a concept.

Alright, me and my burned hand (by the way, you can see the outline of the muffler thing on my lefty) are going to surf the net. Next week at work is going to be a nightmare, I can tell.



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