Potty training

Well we’ve officially started this week with the PTing. We’ve decided to do it in 2 phases: daytime and nap/nighttime. And we’re doing undies. Pull-Ups don’t seem to work well for us. To him, they’re just diapers that pull up. It’s been going well with a few accidents. Until just now.

I’m vacuuming the granola I spilled all down into the stove. I was ticked at myself about it. I knew he was yelling at me but I couldn’t hear him. Plus the added bonus of mind numbing noise was kinda nice in place of the crying 10 month old JL and having to tell JP to STOP constantly. Anyway, I cut it off and he has his undies off. And he tells me he has peed on my chair. I go over and sure enough, two rather large spots soaking wet. Sigh….just when I think I’m getting a handle on things, they laugh in my face.

At least the cushion cover is removable, right? And I rinsed it and it’s drying. Right? That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Sigh…..

ETA: FRIG. 20 seconds after I hit publish, he did it again. Only this time, in the base of the freaking chair that CANNOT be taken off and rinsed. Damn.


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