The yard and other random thoughts plus FIRST STEPS!

Random post of the week.

Spring is here finally though Mother Nature is trying her hardest to not let it be! But, I was walking around this morning before starting work and my hostas are out. My day lilies that the hubs put in are looking great. I have these really cool striped azaleas showing out and what’s made me the happiest….my purple hearts are coming back! I never thought about them returning even though they say perennial…the hubs always says they’re not but they’ve proven him wrong this time. I’ll have to get pictures of these azaleas though. They’re wonderful.

Of course, in all this, the weeds are coming out. Again. I just weeded. I’m trying so hard to keep from spraying and hubs is all about spraying. I want to limit the number of chemicals where the boys play. We already had to spray for wasps and there will be fireant killer going out very, very soon.

I guess I’ll be fighting this battle all summer. We’re doing our first real garden too and I want to limit chemicals as much as possible. I’ll never be all organic but I think it’s worth a shot to limit things as much as possible, don’t you think? Am I crazy? I don’t mean to get on the “green kick” but since I had Middle J, I care more and more about these things. It’s funny. I take more care of myself as a mom (even though you can’t tell it) and more concern with things like the environment than ever before. It’s almost…refreshing and eye opening. To think that I want to go back to real gardening to limit processed food and to reduce the amount of plastics, etc that we bring home. I’m loving my cloth grocery bags and I’ve been part-time diapering for nearly 2 years now.

I guess I’m proud of myself. And my efforts. Anything for these two boys. lol….

Oh, and Little J took his first step on Monday…to me! I cried. Now he won’t do it again so the hubs said he didn’t do it! But I know he did. Just like when he said mama. No one but me heard it the first time. It’s like they know I need to be the one to see the firsts b/c I have this horrible mommy guilt for working. Someday that will change…the working part, not the mommy guilt. That never leaves. But, Little J has allowed me to see him sit up first, crawl first, say mama first and now take his first step. Just like his brother.

I love these kids.


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