Can’t keep this up for some reason!

Again, months and months between posts. I’m such a crappy blogger.

Life rages on. Middle J is in the 2s in a way that I cannot possibly describe. He’s so difficult and refuses to eat. For example, two nights ago, I’m heating up leftovers from Easter. I fix him ham, turkey, hashbrown casserole, bread and green beans knowing he won’t eat 2% of it. He refuses to eat. So he sits there and tries to sling his plate across the table. I get on to him. He cries. BigJ sits down to eat and I hear “I want that Daddy. I want what you have.” What does BigJ have? Ham, turkey, pork chops, hashbrown casserole, bread and green beans. Go figure.

LittleJ has recovered finally from the stomach virus that hit all my boys. It was r-o-u-g-h, particularly on LittleJ with his reflux. Dr. B said we’d have to wait it out b/c he’s already on the cadillac of formula and reflux medicine. Poor guy. But, he’s back up to par. He’s funny. He’s into everything and I mean everything. He’s so different from MiddleJ b/c he never, ever sits still. He cries…a lot….he’s our chronic complainer. When MiddleJ gets close to him, he goes ahead and starts crying b/c he knows his brother is going to hit him. How funny is that?!? He’s going to wear us out when he starts walking. Which I anticipate any day. He has only 2 teeth now but he’s trying his hardest to get more in. He’s a chewing, drooling machine.

House projects are coming along. BigJ rented a grapple last weekend and cleared a ton from the yard. I’m not sure I like it yet. But, I have room for a garden, blackberries, a playset AND a clothesline now. It’s a work in progress. We put out new pinestraw and finally planted our daylilies and 2 loropetalum we’ve had. I am hoping that Tuesday was the last frost. We had to wrap the Jap Maples…at least the little ones.

Downstairs painting is done, minus touch-ups. I’ll regain my stamina in the upcoming weeks and finish the upstairs. lol..I’ve had to send the boys to Flo’s so much on my days off to complete these projects that I miss them and I’m cutting back a bit. If they can’t be with me, then it can wait. I’ve also started working Saturdays for my dad some…just 4 hours and the boys go with me. :o)

Alright I’m off to check the mail and walk before getting back to work here.


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