how does this always seem to happen?

So, I was gone overnight on a trip from work. Now, when I left, sure, the house was slightly messy (as it stays in our world) but it was not what I came home to. I got home last night. I had a husband is “too sick” and coughing to much care about anything. I had a 2 year old that had not napped well and was a terror. I had a 5 month old who wanted to be held (naturally—he’s slightly spoiled) and cried and cried and cried. I had 3 cats screaming for food. I had a MOUNTAIN of laundry whereas I only left a small hill. We had to scrape to find pjs for Little J. And don’t get me started on this morning. I was this close to sending him to DC in what he slept in! Middle J was a holy terror that we finally bathed and put in the crib at 845 because we couldn’t bear him anymore. Late anyway but I was going to let him watch Shreck the Halls or whatever since I missed the Charlie Brown Christmas and BigJ did NOT record it. Why do we have a DVR?

So, I’ve been at home, teleworking all day thank you. In this house that keeps calling my name. I am NOT a cleaner, I’m not. I didn’t grow up with a cleaner but I do try very hard to keep it where people can come over. I’m tired of this. All I do is take care of them and then take care of this house. Who takes care of me? Sometimes I’m not sure. So, apparently, tonight and my day off are for cleaning. And putting up the deer that BigJ got this weekend while we were visiting my SIL. I’ve tackled the laundry at least and I have a huge pot of vegetable beef (well deer but still) stew cooking up a storm. Maybe there’s hope I can get the kitchen done and start my decorations for Christmas tonight. Sounds rather ambitious doesn’t it?!?

On a positive note, Middle J has broken through 2 of his back molars (of the 4 remaining teeth we need to end teething hell for Middle J; Little J is just getting started….sigh). Little J has tried rice twice now(last night and last Thursday night I think) and can’t figure it out! Too funny. He wants that spoon so bad and yet it just sits there and he pushes it back out! I’m planning to try some Gentlease tonight to see how he reacts. We have GOT to get off this Nutramigen. Maybe I’ll try soy. I don’t care. I just know that Nutramigen is KILLING us. He still throws up so I know it’s reflux but we’re not sure about the milk allergy yet. I’m scared to try it though! But at $27 for a can that lasts about 4 days, we’ve gotta do something. The samples that a mom from DC gave us is nearly gone. She saved us about $75 and also gave us about $40 worth of coupons. Thank you Tina; I love you though I don’t know you that well! You’re an angel.

It’s fabulously cold in the mornings. Now if the days would get cold, that would be a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I love cold weather. I’m sick of the drought. I want rain, cold, grey days, scarves and boots. When is winter going to get here???

p.s. I did finish a scarf on the way home from the south yesterday. :o) I love it when I’m riding in a car and can sleep and knit on company time! lol


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