We survived the party

The party is over. Thank goodness. Hunter and I cleaned and cleaned all week, not mention the whirlwind cleaning on Friday and Saturday in order for 20 people who have seen our house in it’s normal state to come over and eat chili and hot dogs. But, you know how it goes….it must be clean.

The cake turned out great. I did a great job if I don’t say so myself! lol. I’ll try to post pictures later though I have no idea how to. JP loved his cake. My sugar cookie lollipops turned out great, despite my initial reservations. And I made cupcakes to supplement what appeared to be a small cake….we didn’t even need them so now, on top of left over cake, we have cupcakes AND cookies. And Thanksgiving is this week! I’ve got to start losing weight once I get through this holiday season. I swear.

JP racked up on gifts and clothes which is what we really needed. He got tons of trucks and cars and tractors. He was adorable. He would not blow out the candle but he loved the cake. He loved the balloons. He did NOT eat the black icing! He handed it to me. JL was good too. No crying. Just sleeping and eating which was nice since the day was about JP. Josie, Lily, Avery, Drew, Reece, Cohen and Caitlin were there plus a lot of adults. Georgia whooped Kentucky so all is well in the world…if Tennessee would just lose. But I digress. This is not about football.

So the party is over. Now we’re on to Christmas on thus uber tight budget. I am planning to head to the outlets Thanksgiving night for Midnight Madness. I think I’m insane. I hate to shop. I hate malls. And yet I’m going. I just think it’ll be easier to go without the boys so I’ll be there while they sleep. I’m nearly done with the scarf for A*. It’s really nice and almost makes me want to keep it for myself. I am hoping to finish it tomorrow so I can start on another. I have no idea why I wait til the last minute and think I’m going to finish 15 projects in my “free time” with my mediocre knitting skills. But I did luck up on one thing. I had been saving all these Pampers Points and I was able to order a Melissa & Doug 60 piece block set from them for $12! I was worried that it wouldn’t get here in time but it arrived in 3 days! I’m really happy with it. Now I’m lusting for the Melissa & Doug Barn set; it’s 250 points and I have 70 left so I don’t think it’s going to happen but I’m working on it!

Well, mom is watching the boys and I’m working from home so it’s off I go. I was just taking a little break. It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow and this weekend. Please let it come on in and flood us….


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