the day before the party….

Well, JP turns 2 on Monday so we’re having a party. A party complete with a home-decorated (I can’t same homemade b/c I did cave and use a cake mix) John Deere cake, homemade deer chili and hotdogs. It should be fun though people are backing out left and right. My favorite Great Aunt Marylou passed away on Monday and they are burying her on Saturday so my dad and uncle are going down to be pallbearers. My other uncle is in Pennsylvania for his birthday. My brother and nephew have to go to his wrestling match and they also have to feed cows since daddy will be gone so they’re not coming. The EX-SIL will not let the nieces come b/c her family is having T-day, something that all of a sudden popped up. How convenient.

So, it will be small (which I wanted) but I am disappointed for my little one that his papa and cousins and uncles can’t be there. I’m glad he’s only 2 and can’t really be disappointed. We’ll plan to have cupcakes on Monday night at family dinner so that he can celebrate with them. Many parties! He also has cupcakes going to the sitter on Monday as well. His mama is doing her best to do all she can, even if she can’t be there because she has to work. I may try to leave early though and pick him up and go play at the park or something.

His birthday present from us was a ride on the Polar Express train in North Carolina last weekend. We also did Santa pics. I have a few small things to give him but overall, he’s gotten his present. I have tons of cleaning to do. I won’t bore you with details but the house is a wreck and I have a ton to do….not to mention cooking meat in advance for chili and just getting stuff lined up and ready to go. I’m going to a friend’s mom’s house tonight to decorate the cake since I have no clue what I’m doing. Busy night. :o)


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