Sheesh…’d think I’d be better

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in a year. Sad isn’t it? I can’t believe that I found this blog again. I’m glad though b/c there’s a lot about JP on here. :o) I guess I should update…..

JP has a brother! JL! He’s 4.5 months old and joined us on June 22 at 10:35 in the morning after a ridiculous forced induction (don’t get me started). He’s such a sweet boy but we’re having tummy issues. He’s consuming Nutramigen by the bucket as he had a terrible reaction to regular formula and he’s on Prevacid b/c Zantac wasn’t working. Sigh… his grocery bill is about as much as the rest of us for a week, if not more.

JP turns 2 on Monday! His John Deere party is this weekend! I’ll share more later on that.

We’ve settled into the house. It’s been a year and trim still isn’t painted and doors still aren’t painted. I am not surprised. Our biggest change other than JL is that I am part-time now. I just dropped down to 32 hours a week. It’s not much but it lets me be off every Friday and I work from home on Wednesdays so it’s a great schedule for right now. I’m happy with it. And we have insurance so there you go. We’ve done a few projects around the house…someday I’ll actually get pictures posted.

We’re under a lady bug invasion. Driving me nuts. I’m finding these little suckers everywhere by the hundreds. HUNDREDS. Ugghhh.


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