We’re homeowners! And a JP update

We officially rent from the bank now! LOL. The closing was delayed a week so we didn’t close until this past Tuesday. It’s been a busy week.

Monday was Sept 11th. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since it happened. It was heartbreaking to see all of the shows and interviews on TV. And yet the world continues to turn.

Tuesday I attended the funeral of a dear friend from high school. His mother passed away. Last year, I attended his father’s funeral. Now four adopted children have no parents. They were blessed with the two they had and couldn’t have loved them more. I can’t imagine not having my parents here at my age. I know that eventually it will happen and no one can ever prepare for that. But, to lose them at 27 is just very surreal to even consider. I’m lucky mine are still here and are so close. And for this family, the four children are spread all over the world. It’s got to be tough to live where there is no one to rely on. That’s why we moved back here…to be close to family. Not as close as wel are but closer.

Tuesday afternoon we closed on the house….a rather anticlimatic experience after all the hoopla surrounding the closing. The bank lady is about useless is all I’m going to say and if we’d have known that the mortgage broker was going to use OUR bank’s mortgage company, we wouldn’t have used them at all. Lesson learned I guess.

Tuesday night we went to a banquet for an organization that takes terminally ill and life threatening diseased children on hunting and fishing trips. It’s a fabulous organization that teaches these children more about nature and wildlife and takes them on trips to places like Alaska, New Mexico, and North Carolina for major hunts. What a wonderful group.

Wednesday I had a million reports due for work that I somehow managed to get done.
Thursday I had a root canal retreatment. After this experience, I discovered that the first dentist was not the right person for the job the first time around. This dental surgeon did a wonderful job. I’m sore and all but no where near the pain that I had the first time. It’s amazing.

Today we painted some at the house. We’re hoping to move in the next couple of weeks. Anxious to get in there!

JP’s moving right along. He’s starting to try to take steps on his own. He can try to push himself up to standing in the middle of the floor and when he uses us for a prop, he can stand by himself easily. Growing up so fast. His temper is still an issue. He’s started biting me more but doesn’t seem to bite anyone else. I’m hoping it’s a phase that he’s going through.

Alright, it’s 730 and JP really needs to get up from this nap. He’ll never go to sleep tonight!


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