A lousy blogger

It’s been crazy here. I haven’t blogged in a month and we finally have a computer and DSL at our house! Yikes! There’s just not enough time in the day. Let’s see if I can do some updating. I’ll try to hit the main points and then later I’ll go back and do the small stuff.

JP’s found his temper. Boy has he ever. He has absolutely no patience whatsoever. I have no idea where that comes from. He gets so mad. He actually sits on the floor and kicks his feet. It’s so funny but we’re trying not to laugh so he knows that it’s not okay. We’re going to have a handful pretty soon.

At our last dr appt (last week–9 month appt), JP weighed 19/3 which is down from 19/8 (45%). He’s been pretty sick and congested so I think that, along with him crawling like a maniac and never sitting still, has had a lot to do with things. He’s also teething bad. He’s got 8 teeth—EIGHT. They just keep popping in. He’s miserable though with them. 8 down, 12 to go! He was 27 1/2 inches long (25%) and his head was 50% (I can’t remember how much now). He’s growing like a weed. Even the dr said that he thought he’d be walking by his 12 month appt! Lord help us all!

Next—we are buying a house!!!!! We close next week. It’s all happened so incredibly fast. We found it 3 wks ago, and put an offer in a week later. Saw the outside on Sunday night, saw the inside on Monday, put in the offer on Tuesday and they accepted on Wednesday!!! FAST! It’s nuts. It’s a 1.5 story Cape Cod with 5 acres. It was originally on 1 acre but we were able to get 5 acres with it. It’s a pale green with white trim. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. We are so excited about it. All we can do is talk about what we’re going to do with it. So we close on Sept. 6th at 2 p.m. We’ll paint and build a fence and then we’ll move. It’s about 6 miles from where we live now. :o)

Okay, I’m off to keep cleaning. We went on vacation this past weekend and the week before to Savannah so needless to say the house is a disaster. I actually took a vacation day to do this. JP is at the sitter til 3-4 and I need to get some more stuff done.


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