breakout Part 2/First Words

Well, it’s been a week and the spots are gone. But, JP’s little eyes look terrible still. Both underneath and on his eyelids stays red. It’s very dry and there are tiny, almost unnoticeable bumps under the skin. He is constantly rubbing them. I am dearly hoping that it is not the cats. I have no idea what we’ll do if it is. Meanwhile, I’ve ramped up the efforts for finding land. My only hope is that, if it is the cats, then we can let them go outside (which they want) and they’ll be safer wherever we end up. I just always clung to the belief that since neither of us has those kinds of allergies, then the chances of him having them was pretty slim. The Dr doesn’t seem to think it’s cats though, just an airborne allergy. I’ve been cleaning as much as possible and washing toys, seats, pillows, etc. I don’t know what else to do for him. It just worries me. But, his attitude has been fine. He’s still not sleeping through the night alone anymore but we’re working on changing his sleep schedule a little bit so that he’s not eating himself asleep. It’s a hard pattern to break. Last night he finally passed out backwards on the couch at 1045 after almost 1-1/2 hours of crying…It was awful.

JP’s been on a roll with the crawling and the first words. He’s been saying “papa”, “dada” and “mama” more regularly. The only time he says “mama” though is when he’s crying! GO FIGURE. He said it for the first time last weekend. I just scooped him up! I love having three days off with him each week but I can’t make myself go to 10 hr days. First, I’d just go nuts in that office. Second, it’s not worth it. This job is not worth being away from him but I am doing what I have to do right now.

Alright, time is limited this week. They’re sleeping so I could get away with a little more internet time. I want to go look at house plans too. We finally got a computer so I am going to look into DSL for the house this week as well. THAT will be SWEET.


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