a breakout…

JP’s back has about 17-20 bumps on it. By Friday, he had a rash going on underneath the bumps but I think that was heat. I have no idea what’s causing it. We had switched over to a multi-grain cereal and also non-organic oatmeal so I switched everything back. I can’t imagine that the non-organic did it so I’m figuring the multi-grain is the issue. He’s got two on his face, a couple on his “boy parts” and a couple on his stomach as well. His solids and formula intake has been off the past two days but I also think he’s working on another tooth. The way he’s knawing on his left side makes me think that that might be it and the reason for the low-grade fever. But, I switched everything back, just in case, and decided not to introduce anything new this weekend.

Tomorrow we shall see how I can handle two/three kids. I’ll be keeping my cousins 9 month old, JP and maybe her 7 yr old. We’re alternating daycare this month since my sitter bailed. Although Amanda is keeping him one day next week for me. That’s when mom is going on vacation and the cousin is going out of town to her 7 yr old’s state swimming meet. DH is having to adjust as well b/c he’s got to keep on Friday. He’s complained plenty but is stepping up. :o)

It’s Sunday. It’s slow and cool. I want to take JP swimming but not if the water is cold. I won’t have time tomorrow with all the kids. I’m debating on just going down there….haven’t decided yet. My house is smaller but I’d be more comfortable here. BUT, CJ won’t be and I’m not sure what KS would do all day unless she went to see my brother’s kids. I have no idea.

It’s a good test, don’t you think, about the two kids thing?!?


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