Busy days

Whew!! I had to beg off dish duty to sneak down here and get this done. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged! We’ve been busy. I was able to finagle a five day weekend so we had tons of quality time with JP. Hunter was off for three days as well which is unheard of around here. It was nice.

We took JP and met Hunter’s family (his dad’s side) at Reynold’s on the lake for the 4th. They’ve been making a big effort to be more involved in our lives so we felt that it would be good for us all to go down. They rented a house in the super upscale Reynold’s. We kept joking how we didn’t fit in with the beamers and mercedes and jags in our F250. We had a really good time though. It was SO nice to just walk out on the greens next to the lake and watch the fireworks over the water. Seeing all the boats on the water was beautiful. JP was wonderful all day. He just was too interested in everything around him to take a nap though. So, at 9:25 he put himself to sleep in his great aunt’s arms sitting up and of course, the fireworks started at 9:30. He never even woke up for them. Slept like a log. He was so cute. I was all ready to take pictures and videotape him and nothing…..he slept! The only crappy part was the 1.5 hr drive back home last night and getting up for work this morning. UGGGHHHH—don’t get me started on work.

As far as food goes, we introduced peaches, yogurt and zucchini since my last post. He liked all three but LOVED the yogurt. A big fan of that now. I think the peaches are messing with his tummy a little though. He started staying with my cousin since Amanda bailed on the babysitting gig and she said he had a gnarly blowout today….at least I wasn’t there to have to change it. :o)

I made us some more apples today using the borrowed food processor and it was awesome. I love that thing. The only problem is that when I tried to use it for the plums, it wouldn’t start no matter what I did. I have no idea what happened. But, on the good side, the plums were so bitter, I just trashed them. There’s no way JP would eat those. I can’t get the taste out of my mouth!

Til next time…


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