JP’s already trying to stand

Okay, JP just started crawling this week and already he wants to stand up on his on. He’s so impatient with himself. He just gets mad and throws a tantrum….which is new also. He’s never been one to cry and now he will cry if you sit him down and go to walk away. He’ll throw himself backwards and cry as well. I know it’s normal behavior and he’s just testing his boundaries but man! Little bugger. Just want to pinch his little head off sometimes.

For the record, butternut squash was not a hit. Peaches, however, were and so now we’ve got to hit the organic store for peaches and pears! LOL.

On the home front, things are a disaster. I just cannot make myself clean our nasty house. I have absolutely no motivation, even though he’s about to start getting into everything. I need to sweep and mop and dust something fierce. I can’t honestly remember the last time the back of the house was mopped…..could it have been before we moved in? I don’t know. It’s all a blur at this point. I just know that I have got to get things done. All I want to do is play with JP and hang out. Work sucks. I’m ready to SAH or at least WAH but we have got to find a house first. That’s not going so well right now either. We just can’t find ANYTHING. I swear house hunting stinks!!! I hate it. We either need some land or a house and soon or we’ll both go nuts. We feel like God is pointing us in the right direction and it’s all just around the corner but it’s so frustrating to be patient. Wonder where JP gets his temper from don’tcha?

We filed an appeal on the audit so we’ll be going to Tax Court at some point. We were audited for 2003. It’s awful. We were only married for TWO months anyway and what it boils down to is that they are considering rent/utility/grocery payments from our roomies as income which is ridiculous…and the fourwheeler as well. Right now, we owe $4K. Like we have that kind of money laying around….


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