He finally did it! JP crawled today! It’s been a busy four days for the Little Man. First, on Saturday he sat up for the first time! Both of us were in the room and neither one of us show it. We were discussing (minor arguing) about some random thing and then I looked over and said, “Did you put him like that?” “Like what?” “Sitting up.” “No. Didn’t you.” “No, he was laying down.” OMG! He sat up! We flew off the couch and loved on him big time. And now it’s like he’s mastered it once and sits up all the time. I guess he just had to figure it out.

JP turned 7 months old yesterday! <<<>>> My baby is 7 months old! How on earth does time go by this fast? I cannot believe how fast he’s growin’.

And then today, he crawled. I went to pick him up at the Amanda’s and she was in the floor with him. He was laying really close to the entertainment center so I didn’t see him at first. She just smiled and then I crouched down and said, “Hey, come see me!” And he got up on his hands and knees and crawled to me! I let out a whoop, started crying and scooped him up! She said he had just done it so I hadn’t missed it. When he came to me, it was his best one! We got him to do it a couple more times and then he started rolling like, “Okay, I’m tired here.” But, Hunter got to see it at the house. We’re so proud of him!

OMG, let the babyproofing begin!


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