nearly crawling and finally! a camcorder

JP is almost there. He’s about to crawl. He can officially pull himself up on his hands and knees. It’s all so instinctive. At three months, he laid on his belly and screamed his head off. Then he learned to roll over so you couldn’t keep him on his belly. And I thought, he’ll never crawl like this! Now, he’s scooting around on his belly and he can go in reverse, just not forward. And he’s not crawling. He’s scooting.

The past two days have been different though. He’s trying to get up on those knees and I think he’s finally figured it out. His knees are actually rough from the work he’s putting into it. Now I see him working to “lift” his belly. It’s like reverse crunches for babies or those cat poses in yoga/pilates. Today, when I finally got home from a wedding shower, I put some toys just out of his reach and he almost lifted his arm and moved forward. Then he got unsure and flopped on his belly so he could scoot over there. SO CLOSE! He’s gonna get it soon and we’re in trouble. Dear God. With the cats and the dirt and the dust, he’ll be filthy. I have GOT to start cleaning better. But I’m so freaking tired when I get home, I just can’t make myself do it! I’ve said it before though, to watch how instinctive his learning is is amazing. He just knows he’s supposed to do this or do that. He’s lifting the sippy cup on his own. He can roll to sleep on his belly at night (which terrifies me) and he’s eating so well!

Changing topics, we bought a camcorder last night. It ended up being a Sony Handycam DC36. I’m pretty happy with it. At first I wanted a DVD camcorder but then I found out I would have to spend like $900 to get one that would let me do editting on a computer! And the miniDV will record a better picture—-something about the lines per inch of color and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I feel like we purchased smart though. Since the air conditioning guy broke my digital camera, we’re going to have to buy another one of those as well. I figure, a couple of weeks and I’ll spend about $200 on a reasonably good digital camera. Once we buy the computer, we’ll be set for a while. I’m just glad we got the camcorder BEFORE JP starts crawling. I wanted to be able to capture that and I wanted one before we go to the beach in August. I wanted another digital camera but was planning to wait until December but now I’ll have to buy one.

Overall, a happy weekend. It just stunk that I had to work all five days this week. UGGGHHHH!


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