when can I be a SAHM???

Thank goodness for the holiday on Monday (Memorial Day). Friday was my day off from work so I only had a three day work week. And a busy one it was. The more we talk about me staying home in the near future, the more impatient I am with work. The current plan has several “layers” to it.

First, we are waiting until Hunter’s business is more stable. We’re kicking butt right now. We’ve got a great cushion in the business account. We could let me quit now and be alright we think. But this August will mark just 1 year in businesss (this time around—when we closed down to move two years ago, we’d been in business for 2 years then and had just hit a slow spot). We never expected to do this well moving up here last summer. We thought it’d be slow and we’d be tight financially. Well, we took off like a rocket and have been rocking and rolling ever since. Hunter is exhausted from the work and I can rarely help him b/c I’m with the JP. We’re being cautious however. Slow times are bound to come ’round soon and we know it. We had to buy the truck and the skid steer and then there’s the business insurance as well. DH’s part-time gig with a nursery (which supplies us with tons of jobs and side income) is a nice supplement and he could always go full-time should we need to. We’re SO busy, which is suprising with it being summer in GA. So, we’re thinking that we’d like to get through the second year at least.

Our second reason for me continuing to work is that I provide our insurance. I bring home a fair amount of money but it ain’t great. I work mostly for benefits. Retirement sucks and I’m about to open us a Roth IRA as well so we can get used to that as a payment. We’d also like to have my insurance through the second pregnancy. It does pay fairly well….not great, but fairly well compared to individual insurance. We’re thinking when JP hits about a year, we’ll start talking about it

Third, we want a house. We live in a family home right now. It’s rent free. And no, we’re not making a house payment to ourselves right now. We’ve been paying off credit cards instead. We have two left, thank you very much. Two big ones but still, we’ve made a consirable improvement. We’re thinking I need to keep my job until we buy or build a house. That will make us look a whole lot more stable to a bank. Sometimes we talk about buying a poultry farm but then we’re like, “nahhh, we don’t want to tie up all that money.” So, we’ve looked at houses and now we’re considering buying about 10 acres and building a reasonable house (1800sqft or less). That way, we can move to the county we want, build a house we like, and we have the option of less the house+10 or splitting the 10 into 2 5-acre tracts, one with the house and one just land. We think we could make some money that way…..we think.

We’re also working on side income plans for me (or sole income when I quit my regular job). We’ve been trying to and doing a poor job of growing plants. That’s my ticket to being home—a side income. I could keep a baby(which is little pay) or work for my family as well. I think the family thing could work because they obviously need the help but then again, it may not. So, we need ourselves to be stable. I want to be able to take JP with me. I could also find part-time work at my current employer I think. No benefits but it’d be income. Maybe. I don’t know.

Who’d have ever thought that I would want to SAH in the first place? I always wanted to work and have a career. But now, I feel like I can have a business of my own and be happy not working for someone else. I miss working with DH and I know we could really build something. BUT, it’s hard when you’re both exhausted at the end of the day to want to water plants, type proposals and go do the purchasing during your lunch. I already visit the bank at least 2-3 times a week during lunch. We’re both tired but we’ve got to figure out a way to split things up better. I keep telling him we NEED laptop. Our computer is 8 years old. We don’t have internet. We’re always argueing about me coming down here. That could be eliminated with dsl at home. We’re planning a big credit card payment this week and then maybe after another job or two we can buy one.

I think the key is to be SMART with our purchasing. Dont’ spend so much or so flamboyantly if you know what I mean. I’m trying to save, save, save because I know we’re going to need it. I don’t want my kids to not have the things they need or want (not that I will give them everything, but you know what I mean). I also want to be satisfied with my life. Don’t we all though. The key is to find a way to get there. I’ll close with a paraphrased quote that I read a few weeks ago….

We can either make ourselves happy or miserable. It takes the same amount of effort to be either.


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