Baby Dedication and Swimming

It’s Memorial Day and thank God, we were both off. This virus hit us both like a ton of bricks. I mean miserable sick. We finally went and bought cold medicine yesterday and it seems to be helping. Except only one of us can take the nighttime stuff and you guessed it, it ain’t me. But, we’re all feeling better finally. I think we’ll be on the drugs a few more days though.

Yesterday was JP’s baby dedication at church. It went really well even if the preacher messed up and called us by my madien name at first (it is my hometown church after all). Luckily Hunter took it light and made a joke…..he was alright with it. We had all the family and friends at our house for food (which I didn’t cook, MIL and SIL brought—another whole blog someday). It was his parents, his sister and her two kids, my parents, and three of my friends (Brandy, A*, and Elaine). Sam and Haley were there but they had to leave after the service. It was really nice and meant a lot. JP was great until the invitation and we had to go outside b/c he wanted to play and motorboat. After everyone left, we finally collapsed and slept. Then we went and bought medicine and looked at houses. It was a nice day and the house is mostly clean….:o)

Today, I took JP swimming at my cousin’s house with her little boy who is 1 month older than JP. I’ll share CJ’s story someday. JP was great and he loved the water. He even liked the floaty that CJ had. We only stayed in a little while since JP is so pale (I didn’t want him to burn) and CJ was sleepy and fussy. But, we had a really good time and he looked so darn cute in his big swimming hat and blue swimming trunks with frogs on them. Such a doll. CJ and JP kept grabbing at eachother and playing so that we something sweet as well.

All in all, a good weekend. And it’s just a three day week for me since I’m off Friday as well. Tomorrow will be a long night though….I have a night meeting for work so I probably won’t get to see JP much at all. :o( big fat frown. It’s rare that I have these though. Okay, Little Man needs solids and a bath. We’re on sweet peas now and he’s alright with them….one more food for the list. :o) I actually made a good bit of babyfood this weekend–more sweet potatoes, apples, and squash. We still have pears to do though. It’s progressive I guess.


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