We’ve been sick

It’s been a while but we’ve been sick and traveling. Last week I had an employee conference and so I was in Dawson for 2 days. We’d made plans to stay with some friends for the following weekend. Hunter was bringing JP. Christi picked me up and then about 2 hours later, Hunter got there with JP. I went to get him out and he was burning up. The day before, he’d had a slight fever but we attributed it to teething. Well, I checked and 103. Needless to say, I was very unhappy with Hunter. He let him SLEEP for four hours down there without really checking him. The dr said to give it a day and if the Motrin wasn’t controlling it, then go to the ER.

The next morning we went to the ER. Waited for TWO HOURS in a EMPTY room (well, before the prisoner was escorted in in chains—lovely). Finally got in there and the nurse tried to tell me it was teething and that I was overeacting. Peeved me off. Did she really think I would bring him to the ER if it was teething? Finally the dr came in and then ended up doing a strep test. TG that was negative. A virus was the diagnosis. He pretty much ran a fever the entire time. We offered to leave but our friends said no—now their little girl is sick and I feel terrible. Christi is apparently freaking out too b/c Gracie’s never been sick.

To make an even longer story short, now I’m sick and Hunter is getting sick. IF JP felt this bad, I feel sorry for him. It’s miserable. And his baby dedication is this weekend. In-laws and friends are coming and I’ve hardly even cleaned and I could CARE LESS. I don’t have the energy to do it and Hunter said he wasn’t cleaning. I hate feeling ashamed of my house but I just can’t seem to function. This stuff sucks. I did make babyfood, wash and fold clothes and plant flowers again (my Vinca died). I still need to sweep, mop, dust, clean the cat box and the turtle aquarium. siiiiigggghhhh.

on a JP note, we’ve now successfully tried apples and sweet peas. Likes them both. That gets us up to:
rice cereal
sweet potatoes
green beans
sweet peas

He’s liked it all but the bananas. We may try that again in a few days.

back to work……


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