My First Mother’s Day

I have to admit. I’m disappointed about M-Day. It was my very first one and I got money and two cards. No thought or effort went into it. He just gave me money. I felt like crying all day long. How did he miss that this first one was important? How could he not realize? And I feel like I’m whining about it b/c I’m now halfway to my DVD camcorder. I just feel a little let down. I was hoping he’d realize that it meant something to me and that maybe I’d keep the something he got me. I wanted a rocking chair for the porch. A nice one. There’s two places close he could have bought one and he didn’t even bother. Just told me to get a “bill” when I went to the bank and made it seem like it was to pay a friend who’d done some work for us. So, in every sense of the word, I got my own present….or half of it.

And yes, I know I’m lucky and I got something. And it’s more than we should spend but dammit I didn’t want to be practical. Anyway, that’s it…..just really, really let down. And I think he knows it.

On the positive side, JP is loving some pears! He’s rolling so easily from side to side now. We’re not going to be able to leave him on the bed for any length of time anymore. He’s rolling and tossing himself left to right. He’s also trying to get going on the whole crawling thing. My baby is growing up. I can’t believe it. He’ll be six months on Friday. His half-birthday! I could just watch him and hold him all the time. And the more I work, the more I just want to be at home. We’re really working on the credit cards now. DH is finally realizing how serious I am. After #2, I don’t want to go back. We just have to make this work.

Alright, I promised I’d be quick. Happy Mother’s Day to anyone out there!


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