Homemade baby food makin’

I know I won’t be able to do this daily but here’s day 2. DH is yelling about the time I spend down here on the internet. I told him that we needed to buy a laptop then and get DSL. He just gave me a nasty look…..

Making babyfood tonight. Should have done it yesterday but I was lazy and laid around with the babe. Pears and sweet potatoes again. We haven’t tried the pears yet but they’re next on the list. Bananas right now. Making babyfood is surprisingly easy and I don’t mind it at all. Who’d have thought that this stubborn, independent, not sure I will even be a good mother to someone person would be making her own babyfood. And organic at that. GO ME!!

Alright, in a hurry! Tomorrow’s a work day and I’m working on proposals again.


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