My very first blog!

Well, after talking about this for months I did it. I’m going to try to maintain an online journal so to speak for the Little Man, Lee.

First, Lee was born on Nov 19 at 1215 a.m. We’d made the decision to let the sex of our baby be a surprise. Well, I made the decision. Hunter wanted to know, but he was in that mood where he loved me b/c I was carrying his baby and all so he let me decide that. Everyone griped, but I held fast and then he was here in the blink of an eye. But I’m off topic…..

Anyway, Lee was in a screaming hurry to get here. Everyone warned me that it could take hours to have a baby. I went to all the classes and packed all the right things in my bag. I had magazines and books for heaven’s sake. I was prepared to be there for days having this kid. I’d been having the argument with the dr about birth. She said that if he wasn’t here by Tuesday (my due date, the 22nd, two days before Thanksgiving), that she wanted to induce. Well, I had heard the horror stories and I was not about to be induced. I decided we weren’t going to do that and told her not to worry, the baby would be here by Tuesday. She was just wanting to avoid the baby coming on Thanksgiving, because, God forbid, he come naturally. Anyway, I worked a half day on Thursday and then took Friday off. Hunter had me running errands and bringing food to his crew on Friday. I’d stopped at my dad’s shop to try my work computer out again (internet issues) and when I stood up, I had this sharp pain in my back…..take your breath kind of pain. I thought I’d stood up too fast. So after getting to my car and heading for food and turning round and coming back for irrigation parts and getting food and driving 30 minutes to deliver it, I got to my Hunter at 1p.m. And I was cramping but didn’t think it was labor. Two hours later, I’m begging him to come home and I call the dr. “Sure, come on in.” So we drive the 30 minutes to the dr and she checks me. 1cm dilated and “probably early labor. You’ll have the baby by Monday for sure.” So off we go, back home. That was at 5p.m.

At 830 I call the hospital and they say, “well it could be labor and if you’re hurting enough to call, then you should come in.” Hunter says lets wait 20 more minutes” and I agree. Then, the next contraction hit (5 minutes apart mind you, steady for 2 hrs but they’re not as bad as I was expecting…) I’m leaning against the wall in my grandparents house where we live breathing and telling him to get the damn bag and take me to the hospital. There’s no way this is prelabor. So, in the car again and off to the hospital. All the way there, contractions. They got down to 3 minutes apart.

Hunter drops me and rushes to park across the street b/c they’re remodeling the hospital and we had to come in the back. It’s about 920 p.m. now. A very nice gentleman comes out as I’m climbing the stairs b/c I’m convinced it’s shorter than the ramp. He asks me do I need any help. I say, “no, I’m fine. I think I’m in labor. ” He says, “I’ll get you a wheelchair. ” My look stops him cold. “No, I’m going to walk in this emergency room and go to that desk like I’m supposed to.” He asks how far apart my contractions are and I tell him. He asks my name and shouts it out as I ever b/c I’ve vehmontly informed him that “I am pre-registered.” By the time Hunter gets there (less than 5), I’m in a wheelchair. Now, maybe the guy who met me at the door knew more than I did b/c the second we got out the ER door he turned to Hunter and said “Now, Dad. We’re going to kick this in overdrive. You’re gonna want to keep up.” And he takes off running for the elevator with me. Ten minutes later, in a bed and being examined.
Nurse: Yep, you’re three centimeters.
Me: Please don’t send me home.
Nurse: Oh no, at this point, you’re staying. Just relax it’s probably going to take a while yet.

Thank God. I agree to a minor pain medicine that she said would calm me down a little b/c I was very tense for some reason and it would be gone within 30 minutes with no lasting effects and then I could decide on pain meds. I signed the papers for the epi but told her that I did not want it. She said “just in case” but I was determined to go drug free. I’m not counting the little bit at the beginning b/c the nurse said it didn’t count—I was all natural according to her.

Meanwhile, Hunter called the family and my best friend. No one is in a hurry. BF gets there about 15-20 after I’m drugged and snoozing. I know I’m moving along but no one seems worried so I’m not. Brother and his wife arrives. I’m hurting. I tell Hunter I can’t do this anymore. Then I apologize for grabbing his shirt like that. WTH? Nurse checks and Holy Goodness! I’m 8 cm and it’s time to get ready to push. What?!? I just got here. They’re yanking things out of the cabinet and running around. The dr is in another room doing a delivery so you can’t push. Like I can help it. She’d better get here. The dr is right outside. Hunter tells brother, SIL and BF to get out, we wanted to be alone for this part. BF has been instructed to keep all out—-mother included. Mother is supremely pissed outside the door as she has just arrived. Where the hell is the dr? She’s right outside the door and they just barely made it. No dr in site…..She’d better get in here or I’m having this baby without her. Hunter is rubbing my hand and telling me to “just breathe and don’t push.” I’m staring at him and shooting daggers at the nurse (whom I loved an hour before) who keeps telling me “breathe for the baby” and keeps shoving the oxygen mask on my face. Dr finally gets in there and of course it’s the one I didn’t want.

I start pushing and about 10 minutes into it she says “oh we’re going to do a little episiotomy” and snip snip it’s done. Didn’t even feel it but was like ” Can’t we talk about this first?” Too late. A minute or two later of really hard work and I have my little man, weighing in at 7 lbs, 1 oz and 20 3/4 inches long.

He’s here.! He’s what I wanted! I loved him so much immediately and was fiercely protective. Told Hunter not to let him out of his site. I’m feeling great. My friend who told me I’d feel like I could do anything was right. I could have conquered the world. No doubt. He’s beautiful. I’m teary, Hunter is teary. We just keep looking at eachother and him and saying that we love eachother. It was the best experience of my life.

I’m so glad we didn’t find out. I would do it that way again, despite all the yellow, green and white outfits! He’s the best thing we’ve ever done. And he’s 5 months, 3 weeks old today.

Okay, Hunter just called and said I have to come back home ot my family. I’ve been here an hour! LOL!!!! We need internet at our house and not the shop. Soon……

My very first blog, I hope this works. Someday I’ll get the courage to share it with the rest of the world!


One thought on “My very first blog!

  1. Oh, do share it with your family! I kept my blog under wraps for the first month, and since nobody was reading it I was much less enthusiastic about posting. They will LOVE it, and you’ll love having a record of the baby years.

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